This eLearning training course is primarily designed for bridge maintenance workers with less than five years of experience.  The course will focus on the fundamentals required to perform bridge maintenance effectively including an introduction to bridge mechanics, bridge design concepts, plan reading, concrete, bridge safety, timber and bridge preservation.  This course fulfills the pre-requisite requirement for subsequent hands-on courses in the training series, Bridge Maintenance Academy II (BMA II) and Bridge Maintenance Academy III (BMA III).

Course Information

This is a self-paced course. The course should take about eight hours to complete, plus the exam. You do not have to take the whole course at one sitting. This course must be completed before you are eligible to enroll in BMA II or BMA III.

A MnDOT Facilitator will be available to answer questions as you proceed through this Course. Contact information will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify bridge types, components and elements.
  • Identify the materials, and forces exerted on bridges and other structures.
  • Identify the fundamental information contained within a Bridge Plan.
  • Recognize the basic concepts and applications for concrete.
  • Realize the hazards associated with bridge maintenance activities.
  • Identify temporary traffic control usage in bridge maintenance.
  • Identify timber bridge types, nomenclature and safety best practices.
  • Recognize the value and concept of Bridge Preservation.
  • Recognize basic symptoms and causes of bridge deterioration.
  • Identify Preventive and Reactive Maintenance activities associated with various bridge components and elements.

Dates and Cost:

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Registration must be completed 7 days before the first day of class. When registration is complete you will receive a confirmation letter.


Online: with your existing StarID or create a new StarID – course ID# 001356

By phone: 218-733-7720